MEET SHIELDED BEAUTY  A revolutionary clean skincare brand specially formulated to nourish and fortify your skin's microbiome. Our products are loaded with skin strengthening powerhouse ingredients including our patent-pending "Guardian Complex™. We believe that safe is the new clean.



Shielded Beauty Founder & CEO Sonia Summers is no stranger to success. She is known as a disruptive maverick in the beauty industry winning WWD's highly coveted "Best Executed Brand Launch" during her time with global powerhouse Avon and getting on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies with her best-in-class outsourced beauty sales agency "Beauty Barrage".

Back in 2020 when the pandemic unfolded, Sonia found herself challenged with protecting her skin. How was it that there were no highly-effective purifying proucts that also nourished the microbiome? Pouring through research, she discovered that there truly was a customer need.


Sonia believes that you should not have to compromise on luxury for efficacy, so she decided to start developing the products that she demanded for herself.




Your Skin is your first line of defense between you and the outside world. Sonia understood just how important this was, so she developed an innovative brand that defends your skin from today’s harmful environmental aggressors. The best ways to help prepare your skin for combat with these aggressors is to ensure that your skin’s microbiome is as healthy as it can be. Adding good bacteria back into your skin’s microbiome, as well as using gentle products to help maintain its balance, is essential in achieving optimal skin health. Our 7 product collection is formulated to repair and restore your skin’s microbiome. Enriched with a patent-pending Guardian Complex™ — containing potent antioxidants, nourishing hydrators, gentle actives and natural compounds known to contain antimicrobial activity — never before seen in skincare.