aT last!

Your skin is your first line of defense between you and the outside world. We understand just how important this is, so we developed an innovative brand that defends your skin from today’s harmful environmental pollutants. We fused science-backed ingredients yielding naturally purifying properties with restorative & nourishing hydrators to create a first-ever protective yet luxurious skincare line.

Introducing a new category in beauty created by a seasoned Latina industry veteran.

Sonia Summers has spent years building disruptive businesses in the beauty space. Her most recent business, Beauty Barrage made it to the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America list in just four years.

As the COVID crisis unfolded, she found herself obsessed with thinking of ways to truly protect our skin - face and body with anti-bacterial formulas that wouldn't dry out or compromise the microbiome. With many first responders in her family (and a large team of people in the field) it became extremely personal - there had to be a better way to protect her loved ones from head to toe.

Sonia created Shielded Beauty to protect skin while replenishing the microbiome, leaving you with skin that is equipped to ward off environmental aggressors while being beautifully nourished.