The Power of Pink

Shielded Beauty’s newest innovation, Triple Threat Treatment, is an ultra-hydrating, nutrient-rich pink gel that works quickly to firm skin, tighten pores, energize the skin and leave a healthy glow. One thing to note is that there is no added color to Triple Threat. That beautiful pink color is all natural and comes from a few of Triple Threat’s clinically effective key ingredients.

Astaxanthin is a red pigment that belongs to a group of chemicals called carotenoids. It occurs in certain microalgae and causes the pink-red color in animals who feed on the algae including salmon, red trout, flamingos and crustaceans like shrimp, crab, lobster and krill. It is also a powerful antioxidant that is 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C and 800 times stronger than CoQ10.

While astaxanthin’s benefits have been widely recognized for the body, a recent series of clinical studies have shown its power for transforming the skin – the body’s largest organ. While oral intake of astaxanthin has shown positive results on skin health, topical applications can offer a targeted and more efficient supply to the skin, providing multiple benefits, and a new dimension for anti-aging technology.

PhytoCellTech™ Goji
PhytoCellTech Goji is a unique ingredient derived from the stem cell of the super fruit Goji Berry that helps stimulate collagen and elastin production for firmer, plumper looking skin and facial contours.

The ancient Chinese Goji Berry, often referred to as the longevity fruit, is a total antioxidant powerhouse. These bright red berries fight free radicals like no other while offering other unique health benefits. It's no wonder they’ve been used as a traditional Chinese medicine for more than 3000 years.

Goji berries are a significant source of vitamin C, minerals, carotenoids and polysaccharides—all of which have incredible benefits, ranging from fighting free radicals to boosting collagen production. The red flesh and pulp contain the carotenoids. Goji berries are also high in amino acids which are a great source of hydration and can increase the efficacy of other hydrating agents in skincare products, helping transport moisture through the skin. Not only are goji berries powerful antioxidants, they are also great immune boosters, help strengthen the skin barrier and help even out skin tone.

B12 is a multi-benefit ingredient that helps brighten, even out skin tone, stimulate collagen and promote cell turnover. Not actually pink, its coral color does indeed contribute to Triple Threat’s pink color.

While vitamin B12 is primarily known for its role in energy production, red blood cell formation and neurological function, it also plays a role in skin health. B12 helps in the cell reproduction process which includes the formation of new skin cells and promotes a youthful and vibrant complexion. B12 is also known to support the production of collagen, the protein that provides structural support to the skin. Collagen is key to maintaining skin elasticity and firmness, resulting in improved skin texture. B12 has also been found to play a role in regulating melanin production in the skin so it can help reduce hyperpigmentation and promote a more even skin tone.

These 3 ingredients are the reason for Triple Threat’s beautiful pink color. But don’t be fooled, this pink is not all sugar and spice but instead, a skincare powerhouse!